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Temperature Disinfection Channel

Product Information

Prodution Name
Disinfection Channel
Channel Size
External Dimension
Stainless Steel
Volume Of Disinfectant Tank
20 L
Temperature Collection Time
2 Seconds

Product Details

Product Number One

  • Infrared human body temperature measurement

Using high-precision infrared spectrum sensor, factory calibrated by blackbody radiation source, can measure body temperature without contact at a long distance, can effectively avoid cross

  • External ramp pedal

There are non-slip pedals at the entrance and exit of the equipment, which is convenient for the elderly and children.

  • Quick layout and transfer function

There are four wheels on the bottom of the device, and there are brakes, which can quickly reach the designated location for quick installation. The device uses 220V household AC power, and the function is less than 800 watts. The installation is simple and fast.

Product Number Two

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