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T-style Prefab Homes

Prefab T house is a kind of commercial house with complete new ideas. It is composed of light gauge steel keel, sandwich panel integrated by standard module series, and all part are connected with reinforced screws. It can be assembled and disassembled rapidly and conveniently. Life span can be up to 12-15 years, which can be reused at least 8 times.   


- Specification:

-  Life Spen: 12-20 Years
-  Wind Resistance: 88.2-117 KM/h
-  Earthquake Resistance: 7 Grade
-  Structure: Steel Structure
-  Partition Wall: Sandwich Panel
-  Wall: Sandwich Panel
-  Roof: Sandwich Panel
-  Windows: PVC Sliding Window
-  Doors: Steel Door / Sandwich Panel Door
-  Time to install: 100 sqm by 4 workers/day
-  Color: Bule / White / Red
-  Fireproof: B2 / B1 / A2 / A1

Prefab Home  Prefab Home

- Advantage:

- 1. Competitive Price:  Compared with traditional construction cost saving more than 50%
- 2. Save Time: 100sqm only need 4 workers 1 day
- 3. Reuse
- 4. Save Shipping Cose: It can load about 300sqm/40HQ
- 5. Large Stock: Product 5516sqm/day
- 6. Light Steel: It no need crane to help install
- 7. Easy To Install: Only need video and drawing
- 8. Kinds Of Applications
- 9. Don't Need To Depend On Land

Prefab Home  Prefab Home


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