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20ft Cheap Prefabricated Houses Shipping Container House For Sale At Guangzhou Tencent Project

Tencent's Guangzhou headquarters building project department was built by Dream Maker. The office building is constructed of 93 sets of assembled packing boxes. It adopts a three-story structure and has offices, conference rooms, restaurants, and bathrooms.

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Tencent Guangzhou Headquarters Building is located in the core area of Pazhou Internet Innovation Concentration Zone in Guangzhou. It is a super high-rise building that integrates scientific research, office and supporting facilities. At the same time, it is also an important portal for Tencent's Guangzhou area for external reception and a reaction zone for corporate culture.
It is said that the beautiful and creative Tencent Guangzhou headquarters building was from the hand of French architect Jean Nouvel, with a special architectural design and a large platform floating out of the air. In the future, the lobby floor, the second-floor large platform, the negative first-floor art gallery and the first-floor overhead floor will be fully open to the public.

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Tencent's Guangzhou headquarters building was built by the China Construction Second Bureau. As an excellent strategic cooperation unit of the China Construction Second Bureau, Dream Maker assisted the construction of the Guangzhou headquarters of Tencent. This not only reflects the solid cooperation relationship between the China Construction Second Office and Dream Maker, but also shows the China Construction Second Office's recognition of the technical, quality, and service aspects of the products.

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Project Archive
⊙Project name: Project Department of Tencent Guangzhou Headquarters Building
⊙Project address: Pazhou, Guangzhou
⊙Design and manufacture: Guangzhou Dream Maker Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd.
⊙Products: assembling packing box, K room
⊙Area / Quantity: 93 sets of paper container houses, K-shaped prefabricated houses of 2,300 square meters
⊙Number of floors: 3
⊙Main functional areas: offices, conference rooms, dormitories, restaurants, bathrooms, etc.

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The roof has a four-slope shape, which is beautiful and elegant, does not accumulate water, and has good waterproof performance.

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At present, Dream Maker' integrated housing products have been widely used in real estate, industry, commercial buildings, tourist attractions, hotels, farm houses, warehouses, project sites and other places. I believe that under the guidance of Dream Maker's mission of “Let Love Live in Everyone's Home!”, Dream Maker will continue to provide more professional integrated housing solutions for all walks of life with its leading technology level and high quality services.

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