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How To Maintain The Light Steel Villa

In many homes ,steel components will be embroidered prematurely, the walls becoming old, and the walls being seriously polluted if you  do not pay attention to maintenance during use. Mobile homes can normally be used for 5 years.

If you pay attention to maintenance during use,  the material of the mobile room will not be damaged after 5 years,.

First, we must select the mobile villa correctly .

Choosing the right mobile home starts with communicating with the manufacturers of mobile homes. You must tell the manufacturer of the movable villa in detail your requirements, the specifications of the movable house you are going to make, make drawings, and select materials. In this step, the specification of the material is very important, which determines the wind and earthquake resistance of the mobile house in the future. At the same time you must fully understand the natural environment, understand the geological situation, understand the surrounding environment, and understand the local climate. It is important to check the site. In addition to measuring the size of the site, it is more important to understand the natural environment, formulate the foundation plan of the mobile home, and determine whether the roof, skeleton, and wall of the mobile home need to be strengthened and reinforced. This directly affects the quality of mobile house use in the future, which cannot be remedied in the future.

Second, after the completion of the installation of the light villa , the user shall not change the structure of the villa without permission, and shall not disassemble any bolt. The skeleton of the house is a integral and if there is a problem with the whole part, a chain effect will occur. If you want to increase or decrease the partition wall, you should first contact the manufacturer of the villa, get their opinions and information about the board house, and then contact the manufacturer yourself. Mobile villas are connected to the entire building of light steel structure. When the user arranges the circuit, wires and cables cannot be directly tied to the steel structure of the light steel villa. Wire ducts or trunkings should be installed to prevent electrical shock.

Third, emergency handling. Before the rainstorm, the drainage treatment around the movable house should be done well. If too much rain seeps into the house and the bottom of the wall, this will definitely affect the life of the movable house.

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