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Second hand containers turned into houses

China's economy has grown rapidly in recent years. The container manufacturing center has moved from Japan and South Korea to China. At present, about 95% of the world's containers are manufactured in China. The process of manufacturing containers is also a production process of "high consumption, high pollution and low efficiency". It is reported that there are currently about 24 million TEU containers circulating rapidly around the world, and the number of containers that need to be eliminated every year will be more than 1 million TEU (International Standard Units).

The process of returning waste and second-hand containers to the furnace for steelmaking is a process of high energy consumption and high pollution. If one scrapped second-hand container is used, it can save 1.7 tons of steel and 0.4 cubic meters of wood, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3.49 tons. If 100,000 used containers are used a year, 349,000 tons of carbon dioxide can be reduced and 340 million kilowatt-hours of electricity can be saved.

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