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Construction of prefabricated houses in China

Prefabricated houses, namely integrated houses, are houses constructed by industrialized production methods. Some or all of the components of the house are prefabricated in the factory, and then transported to the construction site. The components are assembled through reliable connections. Europe, America and Japan are called industrialized housing or industrialized housing. Prefabricated prefabricated houses are mainly divided into four major development models: prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, prefabricated wooden structures, prefabricated lightweight steel structures, and prefabricated container houses.

In recent years, low-carbon, green, ecological, and environmental indicators have had a great impact on real estate. Secondly, our country's 12th Five-Year Plan proposes that our country's economic growth should be transformed. Third, our country proposes to build 10 million square meters of affordable housing every year, which provides a very large space for our country to engage in housing industrialization. Fourth, in the past two years, our country's labor costs have increased rapidly. It is said that some places have doubled. This is directly related to our residential industry, namely the construction of prefabricated houses. From a traditional point of view, everyone's performance requirements for residential products are now higher and higher. In this case, if you still follow the traditional house construction method, various problems will arise. The house cannot be delivered during the inspection, and the prefabricated house can solve this problem to a large extent.

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