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Container house has good sound insulation effect

In recent years, with the rapid development of the construction industry, prefabricated houses have become popular in my country very quickly, but the popularity of container houses as a rising star has been slower. Although the popularity of container houses is not as good as that of traditional prefabricated houses, their advantages are still much more than those of prefabricated houses. Today we mainly introduce the sound insulation performance.

Anyone who has used the traditional prefabricated house must know that its sound insulation effect is not ideal, and the voices and footsteps upstairs can be heard downstairs. This is mainly because there is only a thin layer of wood between the two floors of the board room. The resonance effect of the wood board is relatively large, and the airtightness is poor, and the sound insulation effect is naturally relatively poor. This is both for daily office and workers’ lives. It is a great inconvenience. The structure of the container house is completely different from the traditional prefabricated house. The first and second floors of the container house belong to different boxes. The floor materials of each independent box are steel, cement and ceramic tiles, and the thickness is more than 20 cm. Such a structure is naturally much better than the sound insulation effect of a mobile board room. Except for the concrete floor on the first floor of the prefabricated house, the above floors are all reused wooden boards, which have worse sealing and sound insulation effects.

As people's understanding of container houses deepens, more of its advantages will gradually be discovered and recognized. Container houses have huge room for development in my country.

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