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Campground Recreational Vehicle Container Hotel

Guangzhou Lianhuashan Lingnan Jiayuan Resort is a tourist resort hotel under Guangzhou Lingnan Group. It is located at No. 7, Liyugang, Xiashilou Town, Lianhuashan, Panyu, a scenic 4A-level national tourist attraction area. It is adjacent to Asian Games City Cultural Village, Lianhuashan Fishing Port, and history. Famous cultural village-Panyu Daling Village and the original ecological Seagull Island.

Under the blue sky and white clouds, inside the RV is the comfort and warmth of home, outside the RV is the gentle breeze, let go of the hurried footsteps, here is the comfort you want, the long-lost ease, and enjoy time with your family and relatives and friends. The camp is also equipped with a swimming pool, table tennis room, badminton court, fitness room, billiard room, chess and card room, karaoke and other recreational facilities, allowing you to enjoy leisure time.

In addition to RVs, there are also 4 container rooms in the camp, each of which can accommodate 2 adults or 2 large + 1 small; beds: 180cm large bed*1 or 120cm small bed*2; the rooms are warm and comfortable, and enjoy Garden view, with separate bathroom; two wooden house villas,
Each suite is equipped with 2 bedrooms and 1 living room, divided into upper and lower floors; beds: 180cm big bed on the second floor*1 + 120cm small bed on the first floor*2, can accommodate up to 4-6 people; suitable for family travel.

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