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Container Hotel Nha Trang Vietnam

The beach stretches for miles, with white, fine sand and clear water, perfect for swimming and sunbathing in the sea. Less than 3 minutes away from Pham Van Dong beach, there is a youth hotel made of converted shipping containers.

This youth hotel, with the motto "where travelers from all over the world become family", has successfully attracted numerous travelers and has become an attractive must-see "attraction". The youth hostel is divided into three areas: service area, sleeping area, and cleaning area.

The designer creates a hard industrial style by using old containers, steel frames and greenery plan, but creates a harmonious and natural feeling of space. In addition, colored cement tiles, old wooden windows, flat bumps baskets and rustic cement are cleverly utilized to attract people's attention while recalling some images of old Vietnamese buildings. The hotel surrounded by rattan frame not only looks more environmental friendly, but also serves as a second "skin" to keep the interior from direct sunlight and maintain a suitable temperature for a long time.It is full of industrial style with a touch of Vietnam and blends in with nature! If you are looking for a unique and creative hotel, a home that can be energized after resting on the road, it will surely satisfy you!

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