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PACKO HOSTEL is conveniently located in the My Khe Beach area of Da Nang, Vietnam, with a beautiful view. From a distance, it looks like a work of art built by colorful boxes, and the colors are bright and impressive. The colorful containers are built around a large lawn in the middle, and each box has a floor-to-ceiling window in order to meet the light requirements, which also makes it easier for guests to enjoy the view outside the rooms. packo hostel is a two-story building built around a courtyard in the middle, with a concrete foundation and a solid steel structure to maintain the integrity of the building shape.

PACKO HOSTEL has a variety of room types for guests to choose from: single rooms, double rooms, multiple rooms, etc. The interior decoration of the rooms is simple and generous. It is especially suitable for a group of friends to have fun together! When you go to Vietnam, don't miss the beautiful beach, and staying at PACKO HOSTEL by the sea is the best! When you get up, you have the sunrise to accompany you, and at night, you have the moonlight to walk on the beach.

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